McClure United Church Baptismal Policy and Procedures

For a child to be baptized by a minister of McClure United Church the following policy will be used as a basis for that baptism.

1 . One of the parents or guardians should:
          a) be a member in good standing* of the United Church of Canada.
          b) attend a baptismal class or classes as determined by the minister.
          c) agree to be responsible for the Christian upbringing of the child.
          d) attend McClure United Church services at least three (3) times prior to the baptismal date or be an ongoing/active member of McClure United Church.

2. When neither of the parents or guardians are members of the United Church of Canada, one child may be baptised.  Should they wish to baptize other children, they will be asked to observe the policy as outlined in #1.

3. Any exception to the baptism policy of McClure United Church requires the approval of the Worship Committee and the minister.
(Reference: Manual (1998)   Exceptions policy - Church membership. 010(b) p.47)

*A member in good standing, as defined by the Worship Committee of McClure United Church, is a person who has been accepted into the United Church either through baptism and confirmation, reaffirmation or by transfer, who adheres to the teachings of the Christian faith and has been in attendance in the United Church within the last five (5) years.