ADVENT: It is only 4 weeks long. The colour for ADVENT is blue or purple. It is a time when we wait for the baby Jesus to be born again into our lives and world. The season of Christmas actually does not begin until Christmas Eve.

CHRISTMAS: The Christmas season is very short. It encompases Christmas Eve, Christmas Day up to the first Sunday before January 6th, which would then be Epiphany Sunday.

EPIPHANY: This is the season of light, because we think about Jesus as being the "light in our dark world" (think of the star in the sky when Jesus was born and the Magi who followed the star). Epiphany Day is 12 days after Christmas so it is always on January 6th. The season lasts until Ash Wednesday, the date of which changes each year (because the date of Easter changes each year which effects Ash Wednesday).

LENT: (the word "Lent" probably comes from the word "lenthen" because it is Spring and the days are lengthening). Lent began on Ash Wednesday and is 40 days long (but does not include Sundays). Lent ends on Easter morning.

EASTER SEASON: It lasts for 50 days - until the Day of Pentecost. This is the time when Jesus walked the earth for 40 days. Then he went up to heaven to be with God. But we keep Jesus close to us in our hearts.

PENTECOST: This is the longest season in the church year, lasting almost 6 months. The colour for this season is green - representing growth (like the green trees and plants and grass that grows).